Saturday, November 6, 2010

some Poems

just some poems I have written over the past few months, hope you guys like them!

That Door

I read about all these Horrible things and places and faces
that make living so much harder
and I try
I try to remember why I got in this fight in the first place
cause my reasons seem like nothin
my efforts seem pointless and I stop
I must try
Things places faces
its all the same
I walk to the door
with intent to walk out and never
no not ever
look back
but my hand pauses on the handle
and I can't make myself go through with it
I see the faces
I remember why I chose this fight
I try
And I read what my government says
and how CNN fires someone for sympathy
and I get mad
Burning twisting guts mad
where you can feel your heart and soul in flames
and when the power fades
I am alone
sitting on a couch feeling useless and mad and empty
The wall is bigger than me
I am powerless
and I forget why I chose this fight
The door is right there
within my grasp
but I see
and I must try
I must remember
Is this all in vain?
All this caring.... does it have a reason?
Or will I die with injustice on my lips
sugar coated and useless
sweet plump lips that have done nothing but talk in useless circles
about nothing that anyone seems to care about
my sweet lips turning sour with despair
That door
Those faces
my useless lips and tongue forming nothing more than more words
more worlds that don't exist
or wont exist
why this fight?
I must try
But I don't know why

"I know if they wanted they could have done so"

We sit safe behind the walls of politics
Too afraid to label
While women are raped and tortured
Before blissful death ends their pain.
While children are beaten starved and molested
Tortured killed and stuffed into latrines
Bodies bloated with excrement
And men are forced to watch their families
Before they too are killed
And Madeleine Albright sat safe in her office
Where she had reports and numbers
Of hundreds of thousands living and dying
In hell on earth
And she made policies and urged others
To stay away
While France supplied the weapons and money
And profited from underground drug deals
Because Rwanda is a fertile land
Where drugs can grow and live
While the people are killed and tortured
And the church can turn its face
Or worse
Can help in the decimation
Of its former congregation
And the UN removed its peacekeepers
When forces should have moved in
And the world watched it happen
And did nothing
And these European powers and these American decisions
Are not tried in the International Criminal Court
So we get away with murder
Because either way we all killed
Washington Killed
France Killed
The UN Killed
A death by omission is still a death
We all kill as we watch Israel bomb
With intent to exterminate Palestinians
To create a new Warsaw for non-Jews
We sit and watch and give Israel money
And Egypt money to keep their peace
While the government pockets it
And young college educated men in need of jobs
Join extremist groups for lack of something better to do
And we sit and we watch and we torture
We torture in prisons just outside jurisdiction
And help create new terrorists
And call it “preemptive defense”
And we sit and watch
Because no one wants to label it
No one wants to get involved
But it happens
Outside our borders
As we install the patriot act
And defy the very rights upon which this country was built
We defy conducting ourselves in a manner fitting
A country claiming Human Rights
And we claim to be humanitarians
And we get sick
Because the world is sick
And we seem to believe that we have no choice

Walking away from the dais and into the dark unseen promise

We sit on our thrones
The masters of capitalism
Avarice rules the world
Where people are dying
Bombed night and day
All for land
And politics
And fake religious wars
It all means nothing
To us
The masters of capitalism
Comfortable on our thrones
Of greed and material
But this life isn’t mine
It isn’t for me
I want out of inertia
To be a new voice
So I’m throwing off my mantle
Stepping out of the cage
And discovering more
The time is now for our generation
To make a change
Make a difference
You can too
So step down from the dais
Take my hand
I will lead you
And forge paths unexplored
To a new world
Where Israel isn’t bombing Gaza
And children aren’t soldiers
And no one is starving
With bellies bloated
And vultures circling
Come take my hand
And together
We will forge a new world