Sunday, April 11, 2010

My first Post

This is the first post by me, the Mad Renegade. Not really sure what this blog will serve as. Partial political outcry, partial mad rants, partial philosophical medium. I am ok with that.

Random note... Got a new tattoo 2 days ago. I must admit it is very fantastic. It says Salaam (in Arabic of Course) on top, Shalom (in Hebrew) underneath and the main part is a peace dove holding an olive branch. Very simple, very elegant, very zen. Translation uber me. oh you don't know this about me, well cause you don't know me, I am moving to Palestine/Israel at some point. Definitely moving to Turkey in September. I can't wait! Going to teach English abroad to build up my CV. But aside from Turkey. Palestine.... my dream..... I am not Jewish, or Arab, or really anyone. But I care. And I will wage peace and not war.

I have pretty much refused to get into this whole blogging thing because it seems so self-serving... Who am I to go on and on about nothing? Why does anyone care? I just really don't get it. But then I realized that its just a way to assert your identity and maybe connect with people in a (hopefully) meaningful way, so ok thats cool whatever. I can get down with it.

Quick Bio:

I am 25
Still have not graduated college (ohhh the shame)
Still live with my mom (ohhhh the shame)
I work at a small coffee shop
Love love love Anthropology especially the Middle East
mmm Guilty pleasure... anything salty

ok thats all for now, thank you readers, if there are any!
Till next time!

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