Saturday, April 17, 2010

no more work!!!

I do NOT want to go to work today.... All I want to do is lay in bed work on learning Arabic and read about Palestine..... NO WORK NO WORK NO WORK........ gahhhhhh..... I wonder how to say I dont want to work in Arabic... la adri! (that means I have no idea).... Like right now, I really should be getting ready for work, but instead I am sitting in bed, smoking a cig, in my robe, watching videos on youtube about learning Arabic.... and now my forays into learning Arabic has turned into listening to Palestinian hip-hop.... I love DAM... Ana Hubb DAM... (I love DAM)...

Its absolutely incredible what Palestinian hip hop is doing in the conflict. Did you know that Israeli teenagers are listening to it? they crowd DAM show, and NWR (another Palestinian hip hop group) went on tour with a contemporary Israeli dance company. Music and art and expression are bringing together the youths of this conflict in a way that has never been done before. The youth is so important in these situations, only by changing perceptions of the other can we hope to achieve lasting peace.

True equality is not something that will happen during our lifetime, but peace, peace is possible if it is wanted by the people. I heard that there are a lot of Israeli youths that are refusing to serve in the IDF because they don't agree with the occupation. These kids are being jailed for refusing to serve, the IDF is MANDATORY for all Israelis. Why should these people be jailed for refusing to believe what their government is telling them? They aren't drinking the kool-aid... this gives me so much hope, Israelis refusing to serve, Palestinians refusing to become suicide bombers, now if only the leaders of both countries could see what their people are telling them, then something might really happen. The youth is the future of these countries, unfortunately Israel has steadily become more and more rightest, meaning that the country is becoming more hardline than has ever been precedented.
Netanyahu is arguably one of the most extremist Israeli leaders ever. He has figured out new ways to dehumanize the Palestinians and with this new law just announced the other day, has given more power to IDF soldiers to deport Palestinians than ever before. Basically what is happening is going to affect 70,000+ Palestinian civilians. If these civilians (which are men, women, and children) dont have an I.D. card (yes an I.D. card like the Nazis forced on the Jews just prior to WWII) then they can be evicted and turned into refugees.
Well enough from my soapbox for now, I really probably should get ready for work.....

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