Wednesday, April 14, 2010

so inappropriate

I like someone that I really should not.... Yeah I totally made out with him the other night. We have decided that we are not allowed to drink together ever again... but then he came over again........ yeah we made plans to hang out yet again. Oh jeez what am I doing? He has a girlfriend that he lives with!!!!! bahhhhhhh..... apparently they are not happy... and I told him that we should not be doing this because of his situation but ultimately he is cheating not me... oh man... needs to stop right??? he is just so awesome. I really don't want to stop... plus he is incredibly handsome... UGHHHHHHHHH I have found myself smiling all day for no reason... thinking about him all day again for no reason other than the fact that this whole thing is just so very exciting.... This is such a bad plan....

Have you ever liked anyone that you were just very much not supposed to like?

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