Monday, September 20, 2010

One of those nights

Guys... The mountains here are unreal.  Mike and I were driving along and he decides to take the scenic route back to his apartment.  Well scenic in the Rocky mountains vs CT = TOTALLY different! We were driving up along Horsetooth Resevoir.  It was dusk, he was playing the Decemberists, there was mist coming off the mountain tops with the resevoir in the foreground.  It was magic.  I was suddenly struck by how wonderous this world is.  I mean its really fucking incredible.  Do you ever look around you and just think "Wow.  All of this is here, existing in this one moment in this one space just being.  How is this possible? How has the earth managed to be just the right size, spinning the right speed, at just the right distance from the sun for hundreds of thousands of years.  How did we manage to evolve from amiebas to thinking acting, compassionate human beings.  How mind blowing is this world?" And there you are looking around you at all the wonders of the world driving through this glorious place, holding hands and listening to music.  Its all so shocking. 

Life is such a fantastically, terrifying, wonderous, difficult, beautiful crazy amazing thing.  God I just love the struggle.  The hard stuff... the stuff that you can really sink your teeth into and just bite.  The work and the play. You can't have good with out bad.  You cannot have compassion without cruelty, or happiness without sadness.  Its all in the journey, the balance of life, the gloriousness. 

I just feel so lucky these days.

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